the true untold story of a gifted, extraordinary street dancer who changed pop history... forever.

As a young boy, Geron "Caszper" Canidate would watch the JacksonĀ 5 on TV and dream of performing on stage with his idol, Michael Jackson.

Who would’ve imagined that in the next few years, this inner-city, fatherless kid would rise to the top of the West Coast Street Dancing Scene, light up the stage on Soul Train and be hand-picked by Michael Jackson to teach the prince of pop the immortal dance move that would make him King?

Beyond the Moonwalk: A Dream to Dance follows Caszper's journey from the streets of Southern California to the concert halls of Europe... a tale intertwined with the pop culture storm of the late 1970s and early 1980s that continues to influence artists and performers to this day. An explosive odyssey of music and dance, setbacks and triumph, the story chronicles a young man’s struggle to define himself, perfect his art, and achieve his childhood dreams.

It’s a pop-culture epic unlike any ever told!

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