The Conscious Filmmaker® Ethos

We define a Conscious Filmmaker® as an artist who endeavors to create motion picture and television productions imbued with an awakened purpose. This “aware intent” is woven through every film Renegade Lens produces. It exists as the spirit of our unique production ethos.

But the Conscious Filmmaker approach is more than an ethos that guides the manner and selection of the films we create. It is also a federally trademarked, viable, commercial and strategic methodology which we apply to motion picture production.

Film FrameConscious Filmmaker:
An artist who endeavors to create motion picture and television productions imbued with an awakened purpose.

From a practical investment perspective, we’ve determined that purposefully ensuring that certain “protocols” (which define the Conscious Filmmaker® ethos) are present in a film - constitutes a powerful approach to lucrative and meaningful filmmaking. In fact, over 90% of the top 200 grossing films of all time reflect this ethos, and can largely answer “yes” (based on a proprietary Conscious Filmmaker® Index - CFI Scale) to the following three questions – questions that constitute the foundation of our Conscious Filmmaker protocols:

  • Does the film depict selfless, noble or heroic action and/or serve to elevate humanity?
  • Does the film reveal complexities of the human condition in a non-exploitative manner and/or affirm the life of others?
  • Does it challenge and connect with an audience?

Affirmatively employing these protocols not only enriches the return on a film’s investment, but it also enriches the souls of our audience. Adhering to our Conscious Filmmaker ethos directs us towards creating entertainment that has the potential to catalyze and evolve our world. Through such productions we ultimately seek to promote an enriched, consciously evolved society - one in which loving kindness, inclusiveness, respect, tolerance and compassion are the norm.

The Conscious Filmmaker ethos is ultimately about creating a media catalyst for positive transformational change; both locally and globally. By addressing this very real human desire to grow and evolve, we know that we are creating entertainment that has as much, if not more, commercial potential than films with big budgets, but little soul.

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