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Our Strategy

Renegade Lens Pictures’s strategy emanates from its trademarked Conscious Filmmaker® approach to motion picture production (read more about it here). It is the driving ethos behind our company’s ongoing endeavor to create substantive and commercially viable media proven to enrich both the movie-going experience, and the ROI for both our investors and production partners.

Through extensive marketing research, our business and creative team has fine-tuned a film development strategy that focuses on reducing risk, and acquiring certain elements we’ve identified as critical to a positive return on investment. This development workflow evaluates several key components, while also incorporating a proprietary quantization methodology that calculates the potential success of a movie based on unique elements found in our ethos, which we know boost the film’s opportunity for commercial success.

Our one-of-a-kind, risk mitigation system works on two primary levels – first, to protect the principal; and second, to enhance every key factor we've identified that powerfully contributes to the potential for success. This secondary approach to bolster the opportunity for increased ROI is achieved through a detailed set of protocols that encompass our Conditional Investment Requisites (CIR’s) for film investment deployment into a specific film project. Some of these CIR’s include:

  • Highly commercial scripts and projects
  • Projects that score a nine or higher on Renegade Lens’s proprietary Conscious Filmmaker Protocol Index Scale
  • Directors with strong experience and preferably postproduction expertise.
  • Cast and themes that support international sales
  • Defined “pre-awareness” of each project

In total, there exist twelve distinct Conditional Requisites upon which each project will be evaluated. All screenplays or developed projects are subjected to a thorough review process that requires our executive development team to evaluate the potential films on our proprietary CIR factors. Only those films that meet and exceed the established protocols will be considered for development and investment opportunity with Renegade Lens’s investment network.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of genre does Renegade Lens produce?
    We focus on creating motion pictures within commercially viable genres. We do not create art house productions. Our intent is to always attract the widest possible audience for a given feature. We produce films that fill the demand for the following genres:  Thrillers, Science Fiction, Drama and Romance.
  • What are the typical budgets of your films?
    Our film production budgets range from $1M all the way up to $25M in size.
  • If your projects are so great, why do you need investors?
    Renegade Lens Pictures is an independent film and television production company, therefore we do not operate under the studio model. This creates a distinct advantage for our investors because we can provide true investment transparency and protect each investor from questionable accounting practices.

Investment Opportunities

For qualified investors, Renegade Lens has a variety of investment opportunities.  To learn more about investing with Renegade Lens, please contact David Christopher Loya - .