A monstrous diabolical force abducts a young boy in a demon-possessed home. His father, an Iraq War Special Forces veteran, and mother, a former NSA hacker, race against time to save their son, as they're joined by an Indian mystic and a powerful psychic, in a supernatural war against murderous dark entities.

There is a barrier... a barrier across the boundary of death, dividing this world from the next....
Some call it a veil, an ethereal curtain concealing realities parallel to our own: Realities of transcendent light, along with realities of horror beyond comprehension...

Against those hellish realms – the veil remains dark.

And it is all that protects us from supernatural terrors that roam the other side – demonic and monstrous beings raging for bloody mayhem.

If not for the veil, all humanity would be lost. And yet, there exist places where that ethereal fabric has been torn... breaches in the barrier...

And it’s in those places that a small team of heroic warriors dare to confront the terrors that long to walk among us

These warriors – an Indian mystic, a psychic demonologist and a Special Forces commando – fight unspeakable evil to seal the rifts, in a desperate race to stop armies of the damned from invading our side of life – ripping through the...


Film Synopsis

Ryan Alexander (mid thirties) a capable, strong, Iraq War veteran has struggled to support his family since leaving the Army. A beloved uncle, Jim Alexander, a homicide detective, passes away and bequeaths his large home and all his furnishings to Ryan.

Ryan moves into his late uncle's home with his common-law wife, Kate Ramos (also in her thirties), a strong, outspoken Latina, and their five year old son, Nathan. Ryan and Kate are a couple who have remained very much in love.

From day one dark incidents occur. The poltergeist activity is at first ignored. Ryan finds plausible reasons for everything - until he and Kate are both nearly killed by an ancient evil that inhabits the very walls of the structure.

They are saved through the intervention of a wise and mystical Indian Swami,and Hindu priest, Saatvik Nath. He is joined by a mysterious Caribbean woman, Miriam Johnson, who is both a gifted psychic, and an expert in demonology. Both warn Kate and Ryan of the dangers, and the couple is urged to leave the home.

An obnoxious and demagogic local pastor, Robert Belair, claiming to be an old friend of Ryan's uncle, offers instead to perform an exorcism. He goes so far as to tell Ryan the secret behind the home's evil:  The remains of a devil-worshipping, serial killer were interred on the premises. “Uncle Jimmy” had a dark secret. He had taken it upon himself to execute the murderer, not trusting the justice system.

Ryan agrees to the exorcism. Pastor Robert performs a dramatic ritual. He then declares the house clean. But something diabolical still remains. It isn’t until their son is abducted by an extra dimensional demonic force, that Ryan awakens to a new reality that forces him to confront evil beyond anything he could ever imagine.

In the end Ryan and Kate - with the help of Saatvik and Miriam - engage in a fierce eternal battle to regain their family, across dark dimensions - within a stunning and horrifying twist that will grip audiences until the very end.