BURBANK, CA - Renegade Lens Pictures has announced the formation of its International Media Acceleration (IMA) Alliance, an innovative production “shepherding” and funding initiative designed to launch highly profitable and exceptional independent film and scripted television series projects sourced from the best unproduced screenplays and pilot scripts available...


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Esperanza and G.O.D. OS Recognized by Prestigious Entertainment Industry Accolades

BURBANK, CA - Award-winning filmmaker and Renegade Lens Founder, David Christopher Loya, continues to amass critical acclaim with three new distinguished honors for his trailblazing projects: the sci-fi thriller "G.O.D. OS" and the '70s rock music dramatic series pilot "Esperanza."


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Renegade Lens Arrives at the 74th Annual Festival de Cannes

BURBANK, CA - Our Cannes Marché du Film accredited production team once again returns to the French Riviera. We’ll be joining the international community of professional filmmakers gathered for the motion picture industry's greatest film festival.


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Shiva Negar Slated to Co-Star in G.O.D. OS

International Award-Winning Actress and Star of Michael Keaton Action-Thriller Now Attached

BURBANK, CA - Renegade Lens Pictures has secured the attachment of motion picture/television star Shiva Negar for the upcoming sci-fi, film, G.O.D. OS – The Quantum Genesis. She will play the role of Ginni Peña – a devoted wife and mother whose consciousness is resurrected via a new quantum technology that results in unexpected and deadly consequences.


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September 10, 2018

Renegade Lens Pictures continues its active participation in the world’s great film festivals. This week we are once again presenting at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Our current development, and pre-production slate represents a powerful diversity in genre, cast and storyline. Every film features our unique Conscious Filmmaker approach, which reflect themes present in the vast majority of the most successful films in cinematic history.

Our mission is to produce high ROI, quality motion picture entertainment that enriches both society and the returns of our investors.

We will be in Toronto meeting with like-minded professional creatives and entertainment executives beginning on 9/10. We still have some slots available to explore mutually beneficial alliances with private equity parties seeking to partner on the creation of exceptional films.

To schedule a meeting, contact our Senior Producer and head of the Renegade Lens Toronto division, Melanie Arden, here:

We look forward to meeting you at TIFF!

On location during the PERFECTION shoot

Renegade Lens Delivers Perfection

May 4, 2017

Renegade Lens principals recently wrapped post-production on Perfection, the first film in the Real MINDS™ Project series. Created by director David Christopher Loya and funded in accordance with the Mental Health Services Act of 2004 (California Proposition 63), the Real MINDS (Mental Illness stigma Negation via Dynamic Storytelling) Project is a collection of dramatic films designed to combat the social stigma associated with mental illness.

“Those who suffer from mental illness remain the last social justice frontier we have yet to confront,” explains Perfection writer/director David Christopher Loya.

“Not unlike racism, the denigration of the mentally ill is something unconsciously and collectively woven deep into the fabric of society. We all have come to easily engage in jokes and deprecation about mental illness, often without considering its devastating effects on those who are already among the most vulnerable in our midst. But if we pause to think about it, why should mental illness be perceived more negatively, than other common illnesses, like diabetes or cancer?”

Perfection introduces us to 17-year-old Michael Rodriguez (played by Matthew Parry-Jones), an intelligent young man diagnosed with high functioning autism (commonly referred to as Asperger’s Syndrome). Although Autism, a neurological condition, is not technically a mental illness, children living with Autism are often targets for bullying. Michael, like many children and teens on the spectrum, struggles with a related mental illness, which spirals into a suicidal depression.

Perfection was produced in conjunction with 2SenseWorth International, a nonprofit dedicated to providing children with the resources needed to achieve their highest possible human potential. It is the filmakers’ hope that by casting a light on both the challenges faced by and the often amazing capabilities of children on the Autism spectrum, Perfection will start a conversation that can help reduce the social stigma faced by those diagnosed with Autism, and quite possibly save lives.

For details about the cast and crew, visit the Perfection listing on IMDb.